1 : Introduction To Python

  • Installation and Working with Python
  • Understanding Python variables
  • Python basic Operators
  • Understanding python blocks

2 : Python Data Types

  • Declaring and using Numeric data types: int,float, complexUsing string data type and string operations
  • Defining list andlist slicingUse of Tuple data type

3 : Python Program Flow Control

  • Conditional blocks using if, else and elifSimple for loops in python
  • For loop using ranges, string, list and dictionaries
  • Use of while loops in python
  • Loop manipulation using pass, continue, break and elseProgramming using Python conditional and loops block

4: Python Functions, Modules And Packages

  • Organizing python codes using functions
  • Organizing python projects into modules
  • Importing own module as well as external modules
  • Understanding PackagesPowerful Lamda function in python
  • Programming using functions, modules and external packages

5:  Python String, List and Dictionary Manipulations

  • Building blocks of python programs
  • Understanding string in build methods
  • List manipulation using in build methods Dictionary manipulation Programming using string,list and dictionary in build functions

6 : Python File Operation

  • Reading config files in python
  • Writing log files in python
  • Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines()
  • Understanding write functions, write() and writelines()
  • Manipulating file pointer using seek

7:  Python Object Oriented Programming- Oops

  • Concept of class, object and instances
  • Constructor, class attributes and destructors
  • Real time use of class in live projects
  • Inheritance , overlapping and overloading operators
  • Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes
  • Programming using Oops support