MySQL Course

MySQL Course

 MySQL Course

MySQL is a most widely used open-source RDBMS world-wide. MySQL is a platform independent database and has strong with LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) and Java Programming Language. It is being used worldwide by small to enterprise scale projects. Mysql training in dilsukhnagar. Mysql institute in dilsukhnagar.

MySQL Course Syllabus(Duration – 30 Hours)

Part-1: Database Introduction

  • Introduction to database server
  • Data Types overview
  • Constraints

Part-2 : SQL Query Section

  • Data Definition Language(DDL)
  • Data Control Language(DCL)
  • Data Manipulation Language(DML)
  • Select Queries
  • SQL Join
  • Sub Queries
  • Group By Queries
  • SQL Functions (including date function, aggregation,string formatting)
  • View and Querying to View

Part-3 : PL/SQL

  • Function
  • Procedure
  • Cursor
  • Trigger

Part-4: Database Designing

  • Database Designing Introduction
  • DB Designing Guidelines
  • 1NF, 2NF, 3NF
  • Carnality (1:1, 1:M, M:M)

Part-5: Advanced Topics

  • Query Optimization and
  • Best Practices