Java Framework Expertise

This page contains all the information about Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate Framework and Struts / Struts2 Framework

Why Config Software for Spring Framework?

Our Spring course is designed to prepare the students for global IT market and current job trends. Following features are covered throughout the course

  • Using design patterns Inversion of Control(IoC)
  • Configuration of various bean components
  • Writing loose coupling or decoupling beans/components
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Designing(OOD) Coupling and Cohesion
  • Achieving Reusability and Maintainability in a software
  • Learn template based programming technique
  • Best practices for Database accessing using, Connection Pooling, JdbcTemplate and HibernateTemplate, Standard Exception handling
  • Best practices for web applications using Spring MVC
  • Learn event driven programming model
  • Regular practice material(lab exercise, object questions, interview question)
  • Get change to learn from experts who is developing enterprise applications
  • One who is not developing application using Spring, cannot teach you Spring. Choose us to learn from our developers
  • Support: 17 hours daily support through (Phone, Email, Forum, Face to Face support from software development team members)
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Part-1 (Spring Framework)

Introduction, Modules and Architecture
Understand loose coupling and Dependency Injection(DI)
Spring DI using XML configuration and BeanFactory
Spring DI using Constructor Arguments Injection
Simple value injection for simple property, Map, Set, List, Array
Spring Auto wiring
Spring ApplicationContext and some common implementations
Spring life cycle interfaces ex. ApplicationContextAware
Spring Event Programming – ApplicationEvent and ApplicationListener
Spring Message Resource handing – Internationalization(I18N)
Spring JDBC API(template programming model – JdbcTemplate)
DAO writing using Spring JdbcTemplate and comparing with simple implementation vs plain JDBC implementation
Spring ORM integration and ORM templates
Spring Transactions through AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming)
Spring Annotation supports(@Component, @Autowired, @Service,@Repository etc)
Part-2 (Spring Web MVC)

Front Controller Design Pattern
MVC Design Pattern
Dispatcher configuration
WebApplicationContext and its components
Writing first spring-mvc app
Request processing flow/lifecycle
ViewResolver and HandlerMapping components
Multi action controller
Multiple controller url patterns
Using annotation based controllers
Spring forms app
Spring taglibs
Spring with JSTL view resolvers
Spring I18N supports
Spring tiles-integration
Spring Theme supports